All New USB & Print Boxes!

Ok, so I'm very excited about this! For a long, long time I've been looking for the best way to provide images digitally and in a more traditional way. I've finally nailed it!   

So now, as well as receiving all of your hand-picked and beautifully edited images in an online gallery to view and share with friends & family around the world, all new bookings will also receive these awesome hand-made wooden USB & Print boxes as part of your package!

Digital images are awesome, and your online gallery is backed up for 10 years so you've got that added security too. But there's definitely something special about having a tangible object to hold, unwrap, pass around and keep forever. Plus, there's nothing in the world quite like seeing your images in print. Absolutely timeless! 

So, to check out some of my latest work just click here! 

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