How To Rock Your Engagement Shoot!

Lots and lots of people will tell you that they don't like having their picture taken. That they're no good at smiling in front of the camera. That when it comes to smiling they may even suffer from a bad case of CBS (Chandler Bing Syndrome). Or, that they're apprehensive about the whole ‘posing’ thing.

This is why I LOVE doing engagement shoots!

Your engagement shoot will serve two distinct purposes. Firstly, practice - it'll give you the chance to get used to the camera. After all, it's not every day you have your photograph taken this way and, for some people, it can be a bit daunting. Secondly, and just as importantly, you'll receive some beautiful images of you and your future husband or bride-to-be!

Northumberland Wedding Photographer

So, here's some advice on how to rock that engagement shoot!

1) Relax, be yourself and enjoy your shoot. Seems like an obvious I thing to say right? Just remember, this isn't a fashion shoot for Vogue Magazine, there’s no pressure, the aim is to have a little fun, a few laughs and get some awesome pictures into the bargain.

Northumberland Wedding Photographer

2) Treat it as a practice session or warm-up for the big day. Being comfortable in front of the camera is a skill, and like any other skill, practice makes perfect.

3) Wondering what to wear? Smart casual is the way forward. Save the suits and formal dresses for the wedding - wear something that you both feel comfortable in.

Also, if possible, try to co-ordinate. By co-ordinate, I definitely don’t mean wear matching his and hers woolly jumpers. Do, however, try to match colour palettes, styles, textures etc. Guys, if you’re in doubt about any of this, I'm sure you’re future wife will be more than happy to help!

4) Location. This isn't as much of a biggy as you’d maybe think. Your engagement shoot can take place pretty much anywhere. My advice is to make is either somewhere you love (the beach, woodland, etc) or somewhere that means something to you (where you first met, location of your first date, etc). Some people like to choose to have their location shoot somewhere that contrasts with their wedding venue. Barn wedding - urban engagement shoot. Some like to hold their engagement shoot at the same venue as their wedding - that way you really do get a trial run for the big day!

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5) Posing. Now this is the one everyone dreads right? But during your shoot you'll find that I'll very rarely ask you to pose for shots (I don't do stiff, cheesy posing). Instead I'll usually ask you just to maybe chat to one another as you’re walking hand in hand, that in itself always results in natural looking smiles and the odd giggle! When I think the odd posed shot would look great, don’t worry, I've got this, I’ll make sure you look your absolute best!

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So, there you go. I hope some of this helped. If you'd like to find out more about engagement shoots or contact me about your wedding, just click here. 

If you've already booked your engagement shoot with me then I can’t wait to see you!